Until the Video Tutorials are out, we urge you to browse the Code on Bitbucket (Branch 1.1).

Code Organization

Amadeus is designed to have a single framework folder catering to multiple webapplications.

Each application contains:

  1. .htaccess - Configures URL rewriting
  2. _cms.php - Sets application wide variables (theme,baseurl etc) , links to the framework\'s bootstrap.php and calls render
  3. index.php / index.txt - Content of Home Page (to be rendered between header and footer of theme.
  4. one php (OR) text file per page - URL rewriting automatically looks for a file matching the URL slug.
  5. assets folder - contains scripts and css specific to the web application as well as images.
  6. optional menu.tsv file - Include SEO description / Keywords.'); ?>

Converting a Theme